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MY PLAN FOR JOBS - Work to bring new, stable jobs to our community and re-train workers that have been victims of job loss and layoffs due to the pandemic.  


Solve the public health issues and safely reopen the economy.  Support locally owned businesses to rehire their employees and to use the tax incentives for expansion and new hires.  

We need strong and inclusive leadership to bring back Delaware and to rebuild our state to be better for all people. We need to get Delaware back to work, we need to safely educate our children, and we need to protect the most vulnerable in society. Working together I know we can pull ourselves out of this crisis. I understand the struggles that people have in their daily life. I have worked in many jobs, starting at the age of 15 with a job at McDonald's. I have worked in the public and private sectors and owned my own business. I believe I understand the struggles of life that affect Delawareans every day, including living paycheck to paycheck, struggling with bills, watching loved ones suffer, and finding ways to make ends meet. I know the people of my district and Kent County want to get back safely to their lives and build a safe and prosperous future for themselves and their families.


Let us work together to get this done!